Some tips on how to incorporate Olive Oil in your own dishes 

Below, you will find concepts rather than precise lists of ingredients with exact measures for some precise recipes. The tips we suggest are to be used with your own style of home cooking and in the process make the recipe your own, adapted to your taste and your family. In the kitchen we believe in experimentation and adaptation

A tip for Hot Dishes: add olive oil at the end, just before serving

For example, if you are cooking some sort of vegetable pasta, fry the vegetables in a pan without any fat- vegetables contain enough liquid and will cook fine. Then just before serving the pasta with the vegetable sauce, add the olive oil. It will taste much better because you are adding superior, good tasting olive oil and its is much healthier because it retains all its original nutrients

For a fast tasty and healthy meal you can always steam some vegetables and/or fish and before serving drizzle a bit of superior olive oil and lemon. If the ingredients you use in this simple dish are good the taste will be luscious

Make Tasty and Healthy salad dressings using four types of ingredients

To make a good-tasting salad dressing you need to have a healthy and tasty extra virgin olive oil plus something sour, something sweet and something hot. Typically the classic sour/acid ingredient is vinegar- we prefer lime juice as it adds a dimension of freshness to the salad and it is healthier. For the sweet ingredient we like just a little touch of honey as a counterpoint to the sour ingredient, other alternatives can be maple syrup or unprocessed muscavado sugar. For the hot ingredient there are many healthy alternatives, you can use black pepper, mustard or chili peppers. Also, many award-winning olive oils have a peppery component

There are many other ingredients that with a bit of experimentation can add much taste and nutrients to your salad dressing. One such ingredient is Turmeric, a very healthy spice. We usually add a pinch of Turmeric in all our salad dressings

It makes sense to combine Legumes + Vegetables + Olive Oil in a single dish

Legumes are a key healthy component of the Mediterranean diet pyramid- unfortunately the statistics show that we eat too little of them. Any dish you can come up with, that combines these three foods, covers a big chunk of the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid. Here are some suggestions to combine these foods

  • Try to buy the best ingredients you can. They taste better and are fresher. Legumes and vegetables are less expensive than meat. If you can afford meat you can afford the best legumes and vegetables. A superior olive oil is not expensive considering how long lasts a bottle of olive oil compared to one of wine
  • Incorporate cooked cold pulses like chickpeas in your salads and use superior olive oils in all your dressings
  • Boil the legumes as you normally do. Separately, fry the vegetables without any fat and before serving, add the vegetables and olive oil to the legumes- season to taste and serve. Simply delicious

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