Melgarejo is devoted to extract the best flavors and aromas olives can give

Melgarejo is a family estate producer that has been in the olive oil business since the 18th century in Jaen, Spain. The current generation has demonstrated a  vocation for Research and Development to extract hidden flavors and aromas from olives and thus, produce superlative olive oils. In their latest project: "Aromas de Picual," Melgarejo is advocated to extract the best possible flavors and aromas of the Picual olive variety. The results of their labor is the Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil "Melgarejo Picual," made exclusively from Picual olives and the Melgarejo Composicion- a blend of Picual, Frantoio, Hojiblanca and Arbequina olives.

Most Recent Awards



  • The Olive Times : Producer of the Year 2010
  • Los Angeles County Fair :  Best of Class Gold Medal 2010
  • Leone d´oro Awards (Italy) : Great Mention Intense Fruity 2010
  • Spanish Department of Agriculture : Best Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the "Sweet Green Fruity" category 2009-2010
  • Mario Solinas Award. Madrid : Finalist 2009-2010
  • Armonia Award, Turin : Grand Mention Diploma "Intense Fruity" modality 2009-2010
  • Los Angeles County Fair : Silver Medal 2008-2009
  • Armonia Award, Turin : Grand Mention Diploma "Intense Fruity" and Grand Mention Diploma to the Packaging 2008-2009
  • Mario Solinas Award, Madrid : Finalist 2008-2009
  • Los Angeles County Fair : Silver Medal 2010
  • Premio Alcuza : Best Olive Oil in the DPO "Sierra Magina" 2009-2010
  • Premio Armonia, Turin : Grand Mention Diploma in the modality " Intense Fruity" 2009-2010
  • Los Angeles County Fair : Silver Medal 2008
  • Los Angeles County Fair: Silver Medal 2009
  • Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition 2012. Gold Medal Robust Category Andalucia


Company History

The Melgarejo family has been in the olive oil business since 1780 when the first member of the family, in a stone mill and with a beam press, started processing olives from nearby groves. The family tradition continues and the current generation is actively involved in all the key aspects of the business with special focus on quality control, production process and R&D to extract the best flavors and aromas from olives. The present olive mill- situated in Pegalajar, province of Jaen, Spain- was built in 1998 and includes the most modern machinery, facilities and technology for processing olives and packaging olive oil


Total Quality Control from Tree to Bottle

The production process of Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oils like "Melgarejo Gourmet" and "Melgarejo Delicatessen" start in the olive trees and end when the bottle reaches their customers. Each stage of the agronomic process from growth to harvest and the control of each production parameter is essential to produce Award Winners.

The fruits are closely attended to allow them to grow in harmony with themselves and the environment: caring for their health, providing the right amount of water to let them grow, develop and ripen without stress- this is critical to attain full sensory development and nutritional value.

Melgarejo also takes special care of the harvest because olives have a critical level of maturity that produces optimal flavors and aromas. Melgarejo takes this into account using the index established by IFAPA in Jaen- the reference research center for olive fruit ripening- and follows a protocol for collecting the fruit in the shortest period of time following a process that prevents any damage to the fruit. Then, it is immediately transported to the mill where it is processed at once.

The complete extraction process is done with exquisite care, following the most modern techniques conceived to conserve fragance and taste. Blending of the pulp is another key operation where Melgarejo opts to perform it in cold and with a duration based in the characteristics of the fruit to promote enzymatic processes that optimize complexity and balance attributes. The oil is extracted from the pulp through a centrifuge in a two-phase system. The process is repeated to clarify it further in a vertical, stainless steel centrifuge while keeping control of water content and temperature to conserve the nutritional value, aromas, complexity and balance characteristics

The oil is stored in stainless steel tanks of limited quantity and using techniques to maintain it inert: first humidity and impurities are removed while allowing the oil to ripen. This allows for the evolution of sensorial attributes characteristic of the Melgarejo oils. Later nitrogen is used maintain the oil under inert conditions and prevent oxidation. 

Finally, Melgarejo packages the oil "on demand" to maintain it fresh and ensure that it reaches the consumer in optimal conditions. 

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